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Saturday 25thMay:  This will combine the last of the summer series with the first of the Saturday Scuttlebutt sessions, will involve a BBQ and will be centred at the AYC clubhouse – BYO, although the bar will be open.  The evening session will be Robin and Bob Jones on cruising the Marlborough Sounds – if they have got back by then!

Saturday 22ndJune:  Saturday Scuttlebutt, 1930 hrs AYC Clubhouse – Jim Dilley on his recent voyage through the Solomon Islands and Micronesia)

Saturday 27thJuly:  Saturday Scuttlebutt, 1930 hrs FFAC Clubhouse – Irene Hayward; Cuttyhunk around the world.  Please note the evnues – there has been a change since the last newsletter




  • With a bit of luck the 25thMay will provide decent weather.  We haven’t planned anything in particular for the ‘on-water’ part of that day – the hope is that some ofus will get a gentle sail before assembling at the AYC for a few drinks, a BBQ meal and a talk from Bob and Robin.  See you there.


  • Bob snd Robin are back in Nelson, where Syrah is to be moored over the winter.  Some people have all the good jobs!


  • Although we had a disappointing attendance at the Group meeting, we have been able to sketch out a programme for the winter months.  Events for the first half of the winter are as set out above.  The plan is that the ‘Saturday Scuttlebutt’ evenings in the second half of the winter will concentrate on practical and maintenance issues – 12 volt electrics, sails, propellers, small diesel engines, what needs to be done when and suchlike.  Watch this space!


  • The FFAC holds a regular gathering in the afternoon / early evening of the third Saturday in each month.  In part, this is intended as something of a ‘community’ gathering for those in the French Farm area, but all FFAC and Group members are welcome.  Basically a pre-dinner drinks and nibbles occasion (please bring your own of the first and a contribution to the second) this is an event that can easily evolve into an impromptu BBQ – again BYO.


  • Caplin is on the market – listed in TradeMe (Listing #: 585504371), with an asking price of $50,000.  One for the classic yacht enthusiast.  If you are interested or know of anyone who is, Jan van den Berg is the person to talk to.


In addition, it seems likely that Ziggy will shortly be available – she has recently been out on the French Farm slipway for the usual maintenance.  An ideal ‘entry’ vessel for the young at heart!


  • Does anyone have a small grid steering compass that is surplus to their requirements? If so, please get in touch with John.  One of the black plastic ‘Sestral’ models with a card about 70mm in diameter would be ideal (it is for a ‘tell-tale’ inside the cabin so that a deviation from course can be quickly be detected – anything rather than go on deck!)


  • If you have anything that you would like included in future newsletters – gossip, actual news, reports on future or intended cruises, wanted to buy/sell, requests for information/help and so on – please let us know.


  • “Cruising On’ now goes out to over 40 email addresses – which implies a somewhat larger Group membership.  If you know of anyone who would like to be on the list – or who you think ought to be on it – please let John know.  Ditto if you want to be taken off …



  • PLEASE NOTE:  Some of our events are at Akaroa (AYC Clubhouse), others at French Farm (FFAC Clubhouse) and some elsewhere.  CHECK THE VENUE (AND TIME) before coming – there have been a few that did not! 



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