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The Cruisers’ Group- has four main purposes:

  1. The development of programmes and activities for those whose interests in boating either do not include or are not confined to keelboat racing;
  2. To provide a link between the Akaroa Yacht Club and the French Farm Aquatic Club;
  3. The encouragement of coastal and blue water cruising; and
  4. The welcoming of and assistance to vessels transiting the Coast.

The Group is both ‘free floating’ and informal, consisting of those who have expressed an interest in its aims and activities.  Its principal means of communication is by email – to be included in (or taken off) the Group’s mailing list please advise John Milligan (email below)  Activities are coordinated by a team made up of those active in the Group and who are prepared to be involved in that way.  This is a somewhat fluid body, and anyone who wants to contribute is welcome to join.  Again, the principal means of communication amongst the Advisory Team will be by email.

Although most of the Group are members of the Akaroa Yacht Club this is not a requirement – the Group welcomes all who are interested in its aims and who wish to come to its events.   The Group hopes to function in an interactive manner, so that the nature of Group events reflects what it is that those who are part of it want. 

At present the Group aims to organise events on (generally) the fourth Saturday in each month; on-water in the sailing season and an informative (and social) ‘Saturday Scuttlebutt’ in the winter.  Ideas for these are welcome ; the organisers need to know what Group members want and appreciate all the assistance they can get.

Notice of Group activities will be posted on the AYC website, in the two clubhouses, sent by email to members of the Group and, through the use of the email list of both the AYC and FFAC, sent to the general membership of those Clubs.

For further information please contact Bob Jones at Bob Jones –  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or John Milligan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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